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Brain health products

We’re looking at what products you buy or what you do to improve your brain health and/or prevent dementia. Let us know what products or interventions – from vitamins to foods to medical services – you think we should look into. Joanna Pearl

Subject access requests

Have you ever sent a subject access request to a shop or company you have used? Tell us what you found out. Ellie Simmonds

Mobile blackspots

Are you suffering from poor mobile phone coverage and struggling to make and receive calls or use the internet on your phone? Tell us about your experience, as well as your postcode and current network provider. Rory Boland

Dormant assets

Do you think you may have ‘lost’ or ‘dormant’ assets, such as pensions savings, a savings account, premium bonds or an investment? Perhaps you haven’t done anything with the account for a long time, and you’ve lost contact with the provider. Have you successfully attempted to trace such an asset? Marie Kemplay

When in Rome...

Have you happened upon a wonderful restaurant in Rome? What made it so special? Would you recommend a particular dish or drink? Tell us your experiences. Jessica Bull

Retail training

Do you, a friend or a family member work in retail? Would you/they answer a few questions about the training provided in their role? We want to understand how retailers have implemented recent legal changes. Adam French

Accommodation fraud 

Have you paid to hire a holiday home and turned up only to find that it didn’t exist or wasn’t as advertised?
Jill Starley-Grainger


To respond to any request here, just send us an email at and include the title in the subject box. Please include your name, day and evening phone numbers, email address and Which? membership number if you’re a member. You should be willing to appear in Which? magazines or online, with a photo.

We greatly appreciate your replies and read every one, but we regret that we cannot respond personally to them all.


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