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Your opinions matter. Although our independent reviews give expert assessments of the latest products, even the best test lab can’t hope to discover as much about a product in a few weeks of testing as you can over a period of months or years. Here’s how you can help others choose the best product for their needs, and help us improve our future testing and research.

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Why should you leave a review?

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What do we do with your feedback?

More than 36,000 members have already helped each other by sharing their reviews since 2010.  

When you share your experiences of products with us, we can:

  • tell manufacturers how to improve their products
  • alert manufacturers and consumers to potential safety issues
  • enhance testing to focus on the features that matter most to you
  • remove Best Buy status if you uncover serious reliability issues
  • help you buy the right products for your needs. 

Help others choose the best product for their needs, and help us improve our future testing and research by leaving a product review.

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