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Cash machine fraud

Have you been victim of fraud at a cash machine? We’d like to hear about your experiences. Marie Kemplay

Ticket resale sites

Have you ever bought an event ticket from GetMeIn, SeatWave, StubHub or Viagogo? We want to know if you realised it was a resale site, and to find out how much you paid in fees. Chiara Cavaglieri

Computing costs

Have you saved money on home computing? Maybe you’ve cut the cost of software and storage? If you’ve got a tip you’d like to share, get in touch and, if possible, tell us how much you’ve saved. Jenny Ross

Buying a kitchen

Have you recently bought a kitchen? What was your experience of the sales process? Were you offered any discounts or sale prices? Were you pressured to buy? Liz Ransome

Copycat websites

Have you used a copycat website? Perhaps you’ve paid over the odds to get your driving licence or passport renewed. If so, let us know. Rob Goodman

Unused landlines

Do you regularly make and receive calls on your cordless phone? Or it is seldom used and you only have it because it’s part of your broadband package? We want to hear from you. Alison Potter

Supermarket supply

Did you used to work for a supplier of supermarket own-branded products, or do you have a special insight into the way supply chains work? Matt Stevens

Airline disputes

Have you had a dispute with your airline? Which? Travel wants to hear about your experiences of the new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers, the Retail Ombudsman or CEDR. Trevor Baker 


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We greatly appreciate your replies and read every one, but we regret that we cannot respond personally to them all.


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