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Which? Connect is our exclusive online research panel made up of around 30,000 Which? members who take part in a variety of research activities including surveys and focus groups.

This research feeds directly into our magazine articles, our online content, scheduling ideas for forthcoming magazine issues and our lobbying and campaigning work. This means Connect members stay at the heart of everything we do. Being part of Connect means you’ll ensure Which? members have a fundamental input into what we research and how we deliver change that has a lasting and positive impact.

Why should I join?

  • It's free to join!
  • You’ll receive a monthly newsletter where there will be different opportunities to get involved in our research. 
  • You can take part in as many or as few research activities as you like (for example, surveys, workshops, focus groups etc.) and you can unsubscribe from the panel at any time.

A message from Nikki Stopford (Director of Research & Content Creation) about the impact being a member of Connect has on research carried out by Which?

Video transcript

[SOUND] Hello, I'm Nikki Stafford, director of research at Which?. I wanted to say a really huge thank you to the 30,000 plus members of Which? Connect, our research panel, for all the contributions that they've made to Which? research. You provide us with really rich insights into the way you use and choose the products that you have in your homes. And this has helped us shape the way we test products and the way we judge their performance. And which, in turn, has led to ensuring that our reviews really get to the heart of what's important to consumers.

The answers you've given us to the questions we ask has helped us make thousands of recommendations about the best services and products to use. And of course, it's also helped us tell consumers which products to avoid too. Your views also directly influence the types of topics that we look at, and the content that we publish. You provided us with valuable insights to ensure that we're providing the right advice and tools to really empower consumers. Your input has led us into new and emerging markets in our quest to help ensure that consumers are as powerful as the organisations that they deal with, day in day out. So I wanted to say a really huge thank you for all of that, and all of those contributions.

We really couldn't do what we do at Which? without your input.
So please do keep completing our surveys to help ensure your views are at the heart of everything we do. [SOUND]


Watch the video below to find out why you can make a difference through joining Which? Connect.

How do I join Which? Connect?

Which? Connect is open to all Which? subscribers. 

CLICK HERE to join the Which? Connect panel

Visit our FAQs page to find more information on what you will need to do once you join and for any other questions you may have.

If you're not a Which? subscriber and would like to be, then you can take out a £1 trial Which? subscription.


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