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The Which? Money Helpline gives independent one-to-one guidance over the phone. If you're not a Which? member, and you'd like to get unlimited access to our Money Helpline experts, you can subscribe today for just £1 for one month

The experts on the Money Helpline cover everything from tax to travel insurance - there's a full list of subjects below. Since the Helpline started 2009, we've helped Which? members win more than £2.5 million in compensation for mis-sold financial products and shoddy service. 

Money experts you can rely on

The helpline is staffed by advisers with more than 100 years’ experience in the financial services industry between them. You can ask us any question about personal finance, and although we can’t give you regulated financial advice, you'll always get personalised assistance. 

Video transcript

It's very interesting working on the Money Helpline. You tend to speak to various people from the least experienced to the most experienced. >> A lot of people come to me after they've been trying to phone HMRC, maybe trying 45, 50 minutes I get told I've been waiting for HMRC. By the time you speak to me, they're kind of like, oh finally! I can speak to somebody who understands and who's gonna help me.

>> Yeah, we get all sorts of calls. I mean we had one the other day, a member who got pension fund, he wrote to his pension company to ask for the money, they'd lost it. >> There was a member who was investing 20,000 on the back of a cold call and some sort of an overseas investment and the payment had only been made that particular morning. So I intervened and asked the bank to return the money to them.

>> Well, he came to us we knew who to call, we knew which people to contact in that organization and he ended up with his money. >> I have been in the banking world where there's always a lot of pressure to sell products. I didn't really like working in that pressured world. >> The major difference between working on the Helpline and working in the bank, is the fact that they're quiet grateful for the advice you give on the Helpline whereas at the bank there was always sort of a hidden agenda, is this guy gonna sell me something, or what am I gonna walk away with today that I don't need.

>> The best part of my job is in helping people and making things understandable, helping them out. >> It's definitely a lot more satisfying working on the Helpline than it is anywhere else really because of the fact that you get the thank you at the end. >> Take a trial to Which? and get unlimited access to our money experts.

No tie-ins, no time limits

There are no limits to the number of calls members can make or the length of time you spend talking to our advisers. Call us for advice on any personal finance subject, including:

  • Banking
  • Car, home and travel insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Tax
  • Long-term care
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Wills/probate/trusts
  • Borrowing
  • Protection insurance
  • Equity release.

Available to Which? members

Unlimited access to the Which? Money Helpline is available to Which? members and subscribers to the Which? Legal Service and Which? magazines (including Which? Money, Which? Travel, Which? Computing and Which? Gardening), and is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Simply call the Money Helpline on 01992 822848 for expert and unbiased help with all your financial queries and questions.

Not a Which? member? It’s easy to join. Sign up today for just £1 for one month to use the Which? Money Helpline as often as you like, plus you’ll receive 1000s of independent reviews and recommendations online, Which? magazine and lots more…

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