Products we don't test

At Which? we test more than 2,500 products every year from tablets to mattresses, washing machines to pushchairs and everything in between.

When selecting products to test, we take into account the top sellers on the market, as well as any products that offer new and innovative features. We also take into account feedback from our members, and make sure that the products we test are the ones that they want to see. There will invariably be some products that we don’t test, some of these are listed here, with the reasons why we don’t currently test them.


The market is too diverse and choosing a bed is usually subject to the individual’s personal taste. We have however got advice on and we also test mattresses.


This is not a focus area for Which?, and is best suited to specialist magazines.

Electric bikes

The market is currently too small for us to test, but we may review this in the future.

Frying pans

We currently have no plans to test frying pans.


We currently have no plans to test paints.


Personal preference plays a large part in choosing a radiator in terms of how they look, and the size of the radiator will be the main determinant in how much heat they give out.  The radiators are only a small part of heating your house in the most effective way, so we do provide more comprehensive advice on heating your home more generally and our reviews of boilers.

Water softeners

Chemical products work with little variation, but electric and magnetic treatments have little scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. A long term, large scale, cross-country test would be needed, which is beyond our resources.

Wood-burning stoves

This is a growing market and may be considered in the future.  At the moment we do, however, have buying guide advice to help you if you decide to purchase a wood burning stove.

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