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Whatever you’re thinking about buying, there’s no shortage of advice these days, but has “Dan from Derby” compared the product he’s reviewed against all the others on the market? Only Which? tests products side by side against the competition, to give you honest unbiased reviews and practical advice that helps you choose from 1000s of products.

The member trial allows you to read our independent and unbiased reviews in full. You’re able to see the results of our rigorous tests and compare products you’re thinking of buying. We also tell you the products we really recommend – our “Best Buys”, and we warn you about the “Don’t Buy” products that are best avoided.  The red S icon you see across the website represents our premium, subscriber-only content.

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Further information

Product reviews & test results

Which? review 1000s of products every year, putting them through the most rigorous of tests. Take our trial for instant access to full test results and all our independent, unbiased reviews. We'll tell you our "Best Buys", the top performing, best value products as recommended by our experts. Plus you'll have full access to premium content including reliability ratings, owner opinions, product comparison tables and the “Don’t Buy” products we suggest you avoid. Back to top

Buying advice and general product information

Don’t know your Freesat from your Freeview? Fear not – Which? is packed with jargon-free advice to help you work out what to look for when buying, how much you need to spend and how to get it working when you get it home. All this content is free to access along with full product specifications, answers to your frequently asked questions and First Looks – initial impressions from our experts on new products as and when they’re released.Back to top

Access to member content on our iPhone and iPad apps

Download our apps and keep Which? with you, wherever you are. Back to top

Which? Magazine

As well as full online access to which.co.uk, member access includes a monthly copy of Which? Magazine, delivered straight to your door. Packed with the most relevant reviews and essential articles from our expert team, Which? Magazine is your monthly digest of consumer news and independent advice. Back to top

Consumer legal advice by phone

Take our trial and you’ll also have unlimited access to consumer legal advice via Which? Legal Service. Our team of fully qualified lawyers are on hand to advise on any consumer related issues, from dodgy gym contracts through to disputes with builders and retailers. Which? Legal Service is an unbeatable source of advice and instantly accessible when you sign up for member access. Back to top

Car valuations

Thinking of selling your car? Or want to make sure you're not paying over the odds for a car you're buying? Which? Car Valuations will get you a personalised valuation from CAP, recognised as the industry leader for accurate and independent valuations. You get five free valuations per year when you take our member access trial. Back to top

Weekly newsletter

Our weekly newsletter is written to keep you up to date with all the latest developments from Which? We'll tell you about all the new reviews on the site, so you won't miss out on the ones you're most interested in. You'll also get to hear expert opinion from our team on the hottest new products and any consumer related stories making the news. Back to top

Money reviews and advice

All content in the Money section of which.co.uk is free to access for non-members. Money content includes reviews and Best Rates recommendations for savings accounts, credit cards and insurance products. Our unbiased experts will help you make the most of your money and it won't cost you a penny. Back to top

Which? Helpline

If you spot something you like when you're out shopping and want to know what we think, just give us a call. Take our trial and you’ll have access to expert advice online AND by phone. Our team are available weekdays from 8:30am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. So if you need a second opinion, just ask Which? Back to top

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