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  • Nuisance Calls and Texts Task Force Background Paper (PDF: 68Kb)
    10 February 2015

    This review, carried out by the Which? Consumer Insight Team at the request of the Task Force, assesses how consumers make decisions about privacy, examining consumer attitudes, privacy calculus theory and insights from behavioural research. Consumer behaviour is complex and often varies dramatically from what one would expect. Solutions to the problems identified by the Task Force must take care to keep the real consumer in mind, rather than the hyper-rational consumer of economic textbooks.

  • The Imbalance of Power - Which? Report (PDF: 4334Kb)
    20 December 2012

    A Which? report, The Imbalance of Power, lays bare the full extent to which the retail energy market is failing consumers.

  • The Imbalance of Power: the challenge of energy efficiency (PDF: 1222Kb)
    27 November 2013

    Energy efficiency can play a crucial role in helping people to reduce their energy costs and help the UK meet its carbon reduction targets. Yet the Government’s current approach will deliver too little at too high a cost to consumers. This Which? report reveals successive government policies have failed to improve the energy efficiency of the majority of Britain’s homes and will have cost consumers an estimated £8.4bn by 2015, and makes recommendations for addressing the situation.

  • The Imbalance of Power: wholesale costs and retail prices (PDF: 3794Kb)
    17 July 2013

    Which? does not believe that wholesale market arrangements work in the interests of consumers and this report calls for a review of the market. We recommend that supply is ring-fenced from generation within the vertically integrated companies, that the quality and quantity of price data is improved and that comprehensive external monitoring of the wholesale market is introduced.

  • The Imbalance of Power: the challenge of decarbonisation (PDF: 8822Kb)
    17 July 2013

    Which? believes that the government is not doing enough to help keep prices down for consumers in meeting the challenge of decarbonisation. Costs must be kept in check and passed on fairly and transparently to consumers.

  • Turning up the heat: Getting a fair deal for District Heating users - Which? Report (PDF: 2205Kb)
    31 March 2015

    District heating could supply heat to 8 million UK homes by 2030. However, district heating consumers cannot switch suppliers, have no control over the price they pay and most have no access to ombudsman services. Which? found widespread consumer dissatisfaction with district heating and has called on government to act.

  • Which? Report - A Local Approach to Energy Efficiency (PDF: 1333Kb)
    31 March 2015

    Which? showed that energy efficiency has been a collective failure of successive governments, with many millions of homes remaining uninsulated. The next government should radically rethink its energy efficiency strategy including a switch to a long-term local approach, an overhaul of the Green Deal, a decade-long cross-government plan and better cost control and value for money.

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