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Consumer decisions aren't just about choosing the right product.

A bad buy on the high street may be frustrating, but sometimes when things go wrong - a mis-sold pension, a rip-off estate agent, a medical error or a botched building job - the effects can be severe.

Millions of us face problems choosing a reputable trader or complaining about bad service, or understanding the information we need to use to make every day decisions, such as food labelling or financial information.

Over the decades you've helped us achieve change for consumers. Explore a selection of highlights from our achievements in 2012 and help us with our campaigns in 2013.

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T-Mobile backs down over data cuts

12 January 2011

T-Mobile backed down on its plans to cut mobile data allowance for existing customers after Which? Mobile argued they might be in breach of contract.
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'Rip off' surcharges complaint launched

11 February 2011

Which? announced plans to submit a super complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to put an end to the excessive surcharges many companies charge for debit and credit card payments. In December, the government agreed to ban excessive surcharges.
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Solar companies suspended

26 February 2011

Two solar companies were suspended by their trade body, the REAL Assurance Scheme, when a Which? investigation found mis-selling in the solar thermal panel industry.
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Train delay tool

27 April 2011

Working out how much compensation you’re entitled to if your train is detailed is a baffling task. We launched a tool so consumers can find out if they can get their money back.
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Banks drop payment protection insurance appeal

9 May 2011

A High Court judicial review ordered the banks to compensate customers who were mis-sold PPI policies. The British Bankers Association (BBA) announced it would not be appealing. Which? has helped over 8,000 people issue a PPI complaint this year via our free online tool www.which.co.uk/ppicomplaint.
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OFT upholds surcharge super complaint

28 June 2011

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) announced it upheld our super complaint on debit and credit card surcharges. More than 50,000 people pledged their support for this campaign. In December, the government agreed to ban excessive surcharges.
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Long live the cheque

13 July 2011

We told MPs and the banks that you didn't want the cheque to go - and they listened. The Payments Council announced that the cheque is here to stay.
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No longer illegal to copy your own CDs

03 August 2011

The government announced it will reform copyright law so consumers can legally make digital copies of their CDs and DVDs for personal use
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Rollover telephone contracts banned

13 September 2011

Following our investigation into rollover contracts, Ofcom announced these will be banned from December 2012. Which? research found people were unfairly automatically locked into new contracts after their original broadband or phone contract ended.
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Launch our campagin to make energy affordable

22 September 2011

Energy tariffs are so complicated even an accountant struggled to calculate how much they should pay. We launched our Affordable Energy Campaign calling on Ofgem to simplify tariffs.
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Teaming up to tackle solar panel mis-selling

31 October 2011

Our investigation found mis-selling by solar photovoltaic (PV) installers. We worked with Energy Saving Trust (EST), British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA) and the REAL Assurance Scheme to produce a checklist to help people thinking of getting solar panels.
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Which? helpline wins £1m for consumers

25 November 2011

The Which? Money helpline has helped callers win back over £1m in redress and compensation for mis-sold products and services, and unfair charges.
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Government support ring-fencing of banks

19 December 2011

Which? gathered consumers feedback to assist the Independent Banking Commission with its banking reform recommendations submitted to the government earlier this year. The government accepted the ICB's recommendation to ring-fence investment banking.
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Government agrees to ban excessive surcharges

23 December 2011

The government confirmed it will implement a ban against excessive card surcharges following the Which? surcharge super complaint. Which? was delighted with the outcome as the government’s proposals went further than the Office of Fair Trading’s recommendations.
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What we campaign on

In 2013 Which? is working on a number of key campaigns.

We started an ambitious campaign in 2011 to make energy more affordable for everyone.

We're working to put a stop to dodgy sales and marketing practices, encourage more competition in the energy market, and make energy companies offer clearer information about how you can cut your energy costs.

We'll continue our work in – ensuring that consumers are at the heart of banking reform, making sure we've a proactive financial regulator and helping prevent dodgy financial products being sold to consumers.

And we're increasing our activity – looking into food price rises, persuading more food chains to display calorie information and asking for consistent unit pricing.

As always, your consumer rights will be at the heart of our work so you're likely to see Which? in the media, challenging the government and developing our online advice to help make you as powerful as the organisations you deal with in your daily lives.

Follow our campaigns via our social media channels on and Facebook or .