Food Food affordability

  • Which? Report - Cutting back and trading down: the impact of rising food prices (PDF: 2189Kb)
    19 November 2013

    Which? research highlighting how consumers are being affected by rising food prices, developing a range of coping strategies and the action needed by supermarkets and the Government in the short and longer-term to help reduce the impact.

  • Which? Briefing: Make special offers special (PDF: 154Kb)
    19 November 2013

    Which? wants an end to dodgy discounts and misleading multibuys. Our new survey indicates that supermarkets are not giving consumers the best deal with special offers that lead shoppers into thinking they are saving money when they are not.

  • Special offers in supermarkets - Which? Briefing (PDF: 185Kb)
    26 May 2012

    This briefing sets out Which?'s research monitoring special offers and recommending how current guidance needs to be improved to ensure that they are not misleading.

  • Clear, consistent food pricing: Why unit pricing must be improved - Which? Briefing (PDF: 534Kb)
    15 November 2011

    Which? briefing setting out five problems with the way that unit pricing is currently displayed on food products and the need for it to become more user-friendly.

  • The impact of rising food prices - Which? Report (PDF: 1240Kb)
    20 July 2011

    This report gives the consumer perspective on food prices, showing what the statistics mean for people on an everyday basis, the strategies that they are using to cope and their attitudes to how the supermarkets have been responding based on a Which? survey.

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