Which? Connect


What is Which? Connect?

Which? Connect is our online research panel made up of 30, 000 Which? members who fill in surveys, the data from which helps shape our online, magazine and campaigns content. 

Joining Connect and sharing your experiences enables our Which? experts to recommend the very best products and services to buy, from solar panels to tumble dryers and from supermarkets to travel companies!

Why is Which? Connect important?

Watch the video below to discover how you can make a difference through joining Which? Connect.


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How do I join Which? Connect?

Which? Connect is open to all Which? subscribers. If you're not a Which? subscriber and would like to be, then you can take out a £1 trial Which? subscription.

If you are currently a subscriber, simply click to join the Which? Connect panel where you will be asked to fill in a short registration survey. Once complete you will be part of the Which? Connect panel and will be sent a confirmation email- simple!   Visit our FAQs page to find more information on what you will need to do once you join.

Which? Connect achievements

Which? Connect members have made a huge impact on the work we do at Which? By joining the panel it allows us to identify issues that are causing you the greatest concern and create positive change for all consumers. 

For example, in March 2014 we launched a campaign ‘Get trains on track' based on our annual trains satisfaction survey.  As a result, First Capital Connect improved the ticket machines at all of its stations to now sell tickets from any station to any station. East Coast has also introduced this function at two of its mainline stations.  Connect told us the issue and we took action!

The Which? Connect panel allows us to gather robust information we can use to make manufacturers listen, for example John Lewis improved features of its car insurance policy to meet our high standards.

This year we surveyed 5,000 Connect members for our first ever opticians survey to find out what mattered most when visiting an optician.  This resulted in some surprising front runners, which you identified with the best scoring 88%!

Which? Connect allows us to listen to you and help create positive change for every consumer.