Child car seats: Compare features & prices Britax Kid Plus SICT review

The Britax Kid Plus SICT is the same basic design as the Britax Kid Plus, but it has additional side-impact cushions to help absorb side-crash energy. It is a lightweight Group 2/3 forward-facing belted car seat suitable for children weighing 15-36kg (approximately four to 12 years old). The adult seatbelt secures both the child and the car seat.
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User Image wrote:
CMR403294608 wrote:
Are these seats still on the market?
I need to purchase a new group2/3 seat for my 3 year old and I cant seem to find this seat on the market - only SL and XP versions - so Britax Kid Plus SL SICT etc - are these the same? I also cant find the Britax KidFix SICT - again only SL or XP versions - can you please help?
15/10/2014 12:38 PM GDT
User Image wrote:
paulh1964 wrote:
Britax -v- Kiddy
We needed a Group 2/3 seat for our 3 year after we started using his Group 1/2/3 seat for his 1 year old brother. After pouring over the Which reports, other online reviews and availability in local stockists it came down to this seat or one of the two Kiddy Group 2/3 seats (Kiddy Discovery or Kiddy Cruiser), the Kiddy seats were not reviewed by Which, why not? Due to time restraints and a baby too big for his rear facing seat we only made it to the stockist that had the Britax and so purchased it.This is an extremely wide seat, we have a Volvo S80 which is a WIDE car and with the Kiddy seat in there too there is no room for an adult, even my partner who is size 8/10. We had it for week and I remembered that the car has airbags for the rear passengers that come down from the roof next to the windows, the seat is so wide that the airbags may hit it if they come down far enough, this worries me. Not only that but if you do get hit in the side and the side caves in, the seat will get hit earlier because of the SICT additions, without them the impact may be reduced before the side reaches the seat or the seat may not get hit at all if the impact is dissapated by the rest of the car soon enough.The build quality of our Kiddy is better, better quality material that has a better fit quality, everything on the Kiddy is covered with material whereas the Britax has bare plastic armrests. The Kiddy has a better feel all round including when you adjust it, it just moves better, it's typical German quality (I'm as English as you can get). If I could do it again I would buy the Kiddy but I've left it too late to return the Britax. If you choose to look at the Kiddy don't be fooled by the look alike websites, the correct one is
30/4/2012 12:56 PM GDT

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