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The Britax Kid Plus is the new name for the Britax Evolva 2-3 Ultra and is a Group 2/3 forward-facing, belted child car seat which is suitable for children in between 15 and 36kg (around four to twelve years-old). The adult seat belt secures both the child and the car seat.
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User Image wrote: editor wrote:
A quick clarification about using this seat
I thought it was worth mentioning after reading the review by TheSpeaker, that this seat is not suitable for a 1 year old child - I have a feeling that you are talking about the Britax Evolva 1-2-3, which has a harness; this seat does not.This is a Group 2-3 seat. It is suitable for children from 15-36kg only. It does not have a harness and AS A GUIDELINE ONLY is not suitable for use until children are about four years old - you need to check their weight. A one year old child should not be using a booster seat where they are held in by the adult seat belt; their chest and hips are insufficiently well-developed to withstand the forces that an adult seat-belt would put on their body in a crash. Doing so can lead to internal injuries that probably would not result if using the correct Group 1 seat with harness or impact shield.
15/4/2013 1:43 PM GDT
User Image wrote:
TheSpeaker wrote:
Very happy grandparents
We bought this seat (Evolva) for our grandson when he was just turned one. (He's a very big lad!) It's grown with him and although he's only three and a half he's already at the stage when we can use the seat with the car's belt instead of the harness and the headrest is fully pushed up. However, when our other, much older seat which we use for our grandaughter who's not one yet, needed cleaning recently and we had to transport her home, we had to use the Britax seat. With all of her winter clothing on we were able to quickly adjust the seat headrest and pull forward the harness belts for her to use. (She's also a big lass!) We are very pleased with the purchase. Pros: Easy to fit and adjust quickly. Cons: The fabric of this Evolval seat is liable to clicking with rough objects, but it's wearing well after two years of use.
17/2/2009 10:23 AM GST
User Image wrote:
Scheherazade wrote:
Only cosmetically changed from Evolva 2-3
This is a good, sturdy, easy to fit child seat. Even fits well in the back of a mini (OK at age 5, but not sure how it will fare once our little girl's legs grow much longer!). It has only been available since the beginning of this year, but differs only in fabric cover from its predecessor (as far as I can tell).
11/2/2009 7:06 PM GST

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