Child car seats: Compare features & prices Maxi-Cosi Rodi Air Protect review

The Maxi Cos Rodi Air Protect is a light-weight, Group 2/3 a booster seat with a backrest, suitable for children from 15-36kg (around four to 12 years old), with both child and seat secured, forward-facing using the adult seat belt. It has some unusual features. To find out how it fared in the Which? Child Car Seat tests, read the full review.
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reviewer86 wrote:
good seat
I have been using ths seat for about 18 months since my daughter outgrew her group 1 car seat. She is a slightly below average height and weight for her age and is now 6 years old. It's really easy to fit although personally i found the instructions had a confusing step in relation to the part that pulls out and hooks through the head restraint and had to resort to a youtube video. It was a while ago though so this may not be in newer versions. I have no complaints about the seat at all
6/2/2016 2:42 PM CUT

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