Child car seats: Compare features & prices Safety 1st Tri Safe review

The Safety 1st Tri Safe is secured using a seat-belt and is a Group 1/2/3 child car-seat. This means it is suitable for children weighing between 9 and 36kg (around one to twelve years-old). To find out how it fared in the Which? Child Car Seat tests, read the full review.
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Specification criteria Specification
Test Date 13 November 2009
Key information
Weight of child The weight of the child that the seat is certified to carry. 9-36kg
Seat Group The 'Group' that the seat is classified in. Car seats are divided into groups are determined by the child's weight. Some seats may span several groups. Group 1/2/3
Seat is installed Forward-facing
Seat type How the seat is secured in the car. Belted installation only
Child restrained by 5 point harness for Group 1 then adult 3 point seat belt for Group 2/3
Manufacturer's web address
How the seat is secured to the car
By adult 3-point seat belt Yes
By integrated isofix No
By isofix base No
By a belt-secured base No
Other features
Seat weight (kg) Weight of the seat in kg. 5.2
Part of a travel system Whether or not the seat is part of a travel system (e.g. can be taken out of the car and fitted directly into a corresponding pushchair). No
Rearward-facing Group 1 seat Whether or not the seat can be used rearward-facing up to 18kg (about aged 4). No
Options for adjusting the seat
How the harness height is adjusted Manually change
Seat reclines? No
Adjustable backrest and headrest? Yes

Safety 1st Tri Safe

  • Launch date: Sep 2008
  • Type: Belted installation only
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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