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The iCandy Strawberry is one of the first travel-system pushchairs that can be folded with the seat facing forwards or facing the parent. It looks stylish and can be used as a pram for newborns if you buy the compatible carrycot. While our parent panel took their children for a spin in the Strawberry to see how this pushchair handles, our lab testers examined its safety and durability.
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GarryandSam wrote:
We have been really pleased with the Strawberry and used the Carrycot at first before moving on to the stroller seat. The pushchair is so light weight and handles really well. It is great for shopping etc. as it turns round tight corners really easily and can fit in small gaps. Also it is really light to lift in and out of car etc.We loved the look of the pushcahir with the carry cot as it gives a more pram kind of look. I we liked the carry cot so much we used it at night instead of our moses basket. The only thing I would say is that the press studs on the top cover were really stiff to do up.The stroller seat is also really good. It reclines really easily which is so handy for when baby falls asleep etc.The hood makes a really loud clicky noise when putting it up or down which is ok but a little annoying if baby is sleeping as you risk waking them up.The rain cover compartment under the seat is really handy as it means you never get caught out!The basket on the bottom is very shallow and you cannot fit a great deal in it at all. Also, the clip that hold the frame closed when it is folded down is VERY stiff which is only niggle, but I would have expected something a little better on such a quality pushchair.However, overall this has been a fantastic pushchair, and shows very little signs of wear and tear.Great product!
25/9/2013 8:58 PM GDT
User Image wrote:
nickyt wrote:
Lovely to steer.
It is a very easy to handle pushchair, and the fact that is can turn on its own foot print has been really handy. I ended up having a caesarian section and the fact that this buggy is so easy to push was a life saver. It handles all surfaces very well, although its a bit harder to push on gravel as the review says.I didn't really like the carrycot at it was narrow but tall with a lining which made quite a scratchy noise that constantly woke my little one up. It also meant that you could fit very little in the basket and I ended up getting a carabiner to hang lighter shopping bags from.We have now moved on to the actual buggy seat and it is brilliant. The fact that there is the punnet thing for the rain cover is so useful (and isnt on the carry cot) and it is very easy to fold down. I can fit it in my car boot (a toyota yaris) but only just. The only thing that seems a bit mad to me is that the hood makes this very loud ratcheting noise when you move it. Not such a problem on the buggy as you dont have to move it as much, but it was a nightmare when we were using the carrycot as you either had to wrestle with the press studs to remve the cover to put the baby in or risk waking her up by moving the noisy hood.Overall though, I would recomment this buggy. I have enjoyed using it.
26/9/2012 3:09 PM GDT

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