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The Jane Rider pushchair is an travel system that can be used in conjunction with a car seat or carrycot - although you'll have to pay extra for these. It comes with a hood with a viewing window, rain cover, footmuff and an accessories bag, but is it easy to use and safe? We put the Jane Rider pushchair to the test to find out.
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User Image wrote:
matta1138 wrote:
Envied amongst friends!
We love this pushchair! We have it with the Jane Matrix Light carseat and our son (7mths) has just gone into the main Rider seat now. He can sit upright and look around or be almost flat and fall asleep comfortably. We take the seat off and keep it on the backseat of the car and fold the wheel base up which takes up half the boot of the Focus we have. When on longer trips we take the large wheels off (incredibly simple) and it becomes even smaller. Once folded like this it can also stand up in your hallway and doesn't have to be leant on a wall etc for support.
2/2/2012 10:06 PM CUT
User Image wrote:
coopdingo wrote:
I love my pushchair...
I love my pushchair. She sleeps in it no problem on our walks. No need to buy the flat bed for £150. So comfortable to push and easy to adjust the height of the bar to push it. Only bad thing is that it is huge when you fold up. But you can take off the big wheels. Highly recommend.
16/7/2011 11:59 AM CUT

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