Safety gate reviews: FAQs

How soon will I need a stair gate?


A gate can help keep a curious child out of harm's way

You’ll need a stair gate from 8 months but for safety’s sake, get one as soon as your child starts to show signs of toddling – they’ll soon be moving faster than you can.

How many gates will I need? 

With stairs you’ll need a pair of gates. The set at the top will stop them falling down the stairs and set at the bottom will stop them climbing in the first place. But even in a bungalow, barriers can keep children out of areas where they might get hurt. Barriers can be used where you don’t have a door – for example, between a kitchen and the dining room.

I’ve heard you shouldn’t put a pressure fix stair gate at the top of the stairs, is this true?

Most manufacturers recommend that you use wall cups with pressure gates at the top of stairs.

How do I know if it’s securely set up?

If you fit a gate at the top of stairs, make sure it opens towards you, not over the stair. If you lean on the gate as you open it, you may fall forwards.