baby being fed by mother

Buying baby feeding products

  • Baby feeding accessories to make life easier – and whether you really need them
  • Expert advice on choosing bottles, bibs, bowls and trainer cups for your baby
  • Sterilisers vs the good old boiling water method

What's in this guide

Baby bottles and teats

Using bottles and confused by the bewildering variety? We'll help you choose the right one for your baby.

Bottle sterilisers

We help you decide whether a steam steriliser, cold water steriliser, microwave steriliser or the old-fashioned boiling water method would best suit your lifestyle.

Baby bottle warmers

How to decide whether you really need a bottle warmer, and the pros and cons of different types available.

Baby bibs

Protect your baby's clothes from food stains - bibs are a must-have! Here's how to pick the right type for your baby.

Baby bowls, spoons and cups

From training cups to specially designed bowls, we look at what you need to help wean your baby.

Who makes feeding products?

The main baby feeding brands and manufacturers