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The DoH advises parents to make their baby's food themselves.

Four to six months

If you do start earlier than six months, weaning should not start before 17 weeks. Begin with one to two teaspoons of smooth food at each feed. Use gluten-free cereal and fruit or vegetable pureés.

Six months on

Begin with food high in iron such as meat, fish or pulses. Make thicker purées with rice, pasta and potato and offer a variety of flavours. Do not add salt or sugar to food.

At six to nine months, encourage chewing by giving mashed food with lumps and finger foods such as toast or soft, peeled fruit.

At nine to 12 months, offer a wide variety of food at mealtimes, snacks such as fresh fruit, bread or crackers and water to drink with meals.

From one year

Give five small servings of fruit and vegetables every day, plus bread, cereals or potatoes at every meal, three servings of milk or dairy food and meat or alternatives twice a day (alternatives to meat include fish, pulses, eggs, tofu and soya).

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