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Regulator calls for major reforms to BT Openreach

The regulator, Ofcom, has today called for reforms to the Openreach network following recent reports of poor service and failings by BT to adequately invest in it.

BT is the largest broadband provider in the UK and provides the main telecoms network used by telephone and broadband providers such as Sky, TalkTalk and BT Consumer.

BT Group failings

The telecoms giant suffered criticism by MPs last week with calls for Openreach to be forced to split from the BT Group.

And today, Ofcom has proposed that Openreach should become a distinct company within the BT group with its own board and a majority of non-executive directors non-affiliated to BT Group.

The regulator has also suggested large-scale investments should include greater consultation with customers, Openreach to have its own staff body, ownership of assets that the network already controls, its own strategy and control over budget allocation, and independent branding.

Big improvements needed

With more than 110,000 supporters backing our broadband campaign it’s clear people want better broadband and telecoms services.

Our Director of Policy and Campaigns, Alex Neill, said:

‘Millions of people have suffered woeful levels of service from Openreach so these changes can't come soon enough. In order for these reforms to be judged as a success, customers will expect them to deliver big improvements in service.

‘Telecoms are an essential part of our daily lives and so it is vital that everyone can access good-quality broadband, switching is made easier and compensation is made available when things do go wrong.’

If you want to see better broadband services then back our campaign by signing the petition today.


A universal right to broadband

Today the Government announced plans to put access to broadband on a similar footing to other basic services, like water and electricity.


UK worst in Europe for delivering broadband speed promises

The UK is the worst in Europe for delivering the broadband speeds advertised by ADSL providers.

Virgin Media and SSE speak up against confusing broadband ads

Internet Service Providers Virgin Media and SSE have lent their support to our campaign against broadband ads that promise speeds that most customers will never see.

Virgin Media supports our broadband speed campaign

Virgin Media has come out in support of our campaign to end confusing advertising of broadband speeds.


ASA tells BT to give accurate speed estimates

The ASA has upheld a complaint from a BT customer who claimed they were misled as to the speed they could achieve on their line.
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