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Ed Davey writes to energy suppliers

The Secretary of State for Energy, Ed Davey, today wrote to energy suppliers demanding that they provide more detailed information about the costs they pass onto their customers to deliver the ECO energy efficiency scheme.

Some people receive free or subsidised energy efficiency measures through the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), but ultimately all energy customers pay for this scheme through levies on their bills.

Greater transparency needed

We’ve been calling for greater transparency so that we can see whether costs companies pass onto their customers are fair. Ed Davey's letter to suppliers this week is an important and welcome step to getting that information.

We want to see as much of this information made public as soon as possible and the Government to use this new information to make the scheme more cost effective.

You can read Ed Davey's letter here.


Energy market referred for full scale investigation

The outcome of the long-awaited energy market assessment was released this morning and it’s good news for the 45,000 of you who backed our Fix the Big Six campaign.


SSE announces a price freeze

SSE has announced a price freeze until 2016 for all of its customers. In a win for our Fix the Big Six campaign, SSE has also announced plans to separate its retail and wholesale businesses.


Big Six told to return £400m

The Big Six have been asked to return millions to former customers after Ofgem found the suppliers holding on to £400m in credit from closed accounts.

Millions to get direct debit energy refunds

Npower is the fifth of the 'big six' energy companies to announce it will refund credit balances of £5 or more on direct debit energy accounts.

British Gas profits announced

British Gas has announced profits of £571m, and yet there’s huge customer dissatisfaction with the energy company’s service.


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14th February

Regulator urged to examine energy company profit margins

Energy secretary Ed Davey has written to the regulator Ofgem, encouraging it to investigate the domestic gas market for evidence of a monopoly.

New energy reform proposals too little too late

The latest government proposals do not go far enough to increase competition and reassure consumers about rising energy prices.
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