Campaigns | Rip off card charges

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  1. We won a ban on rip-off charges when you pay by credit or debit card
  2. But it's not over yet, some companies are still breaking the rules
  3. Name and shame the worst offenders and we'll report them to Trading Standards

Supporter Kay reports her surcharge

Kay reported First Choice's surcharge and they're changing their rules:

'I was surprised to read an article in Which? Magazine advising that it might not be lawful for companies to charge the amount they do for paying by card. I reported the details using Which?’s online tool. Which? contacted me to say that they challenged First Choice and the fee is going to be reduced. We are very happy with this result as holidays work out expensive enough as it is! Thanks Which?.'

Have you seen an excessive surcharge?

1. Was the surcharge more than 2% of the total transaction fee for paying by credit card? (For example, for a £200 purchase, the credit card surcharge should be no more than £4.)

2. Was the surcharge 50 pence or more for paying by debit card?

If you answer yes to one of the above questions please report it using our tool

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