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Multibuys don't always save you money

Our research has revealed that supermarket multibuy deals aren't always as good as you might be led to believe.

We analysed the price of 115 products over a year and found some multibuys didn't save you any money at all. Around 10% of products increased in price (from a discount or standard price) when they went onto multibuy and decreased afterwards, at one point during the year.

Daft multibuy offers

Multibuys appear to be on the increase, that's despite the fact they're not very popular - 73% of you told us that you prefer discounts to multibuys.

The 115 products we looked at were on multibuy for 46% of the time in the first half of 2012, compared with 37% of the time in the first half of 2011.


Customers feel misled by supermarket prices - Which? tells supermarkets to ‘Price it Right’

Our research shows that 74% of people think supermarkets try to mislead them with confusing prices. Many supermarkets provide unit prices (the price per kilo or per litre) that are difficult to spot or, in some cases, impossible to compare between brands.

Can you trust supermarket special offers?

Our research has revealed a whole range of supermarket tactics designed to make bargains look unmissable when, in fact, we don’t think they were really bargains at all.
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