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GPs told not to use pricey 084 phone numbers

NHS England has told GPs to stop forcing patients to call expensive phone lines.

40,000 supporters for our Costly Calls campaign!

In just over four days, our Costly Calls campaign has reached an impressive 40,000 signatures! Thank you very much to our 40,000th supporter Michael, and everyone else who has signed our petition so far.


We're demanding a ban on costly calls

6th September

Two-thirds of you think companies use high-cost numbers to discourage you from calling them.

We don't think you should pay a premium to make a complaint, or be faced with a high phone bill if you want to speak to a company. So we're calling for a ban on costly calls.

Our campaign is calling on all companies to provide a cheaper alternative for all customer service and complaints telephone lines.

Under recent changes to the EU Consumer Rights Directive, calls to customer helplines must be charged at no more than the basic rate. However, financial services and public bodies are not included in this legislation, and the government is currently consulting on whether to include travel, timeshare and package travel in the ban. Our campaign will tackle these areas.

Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director, said: 'It's outrageous that consumers are faced with a high phone bill just to ask a question or make a complaint. It’s no wonder that people think companies do this deliberately to deter them from complaining.

Support our campaign by signing our petition and joining the debate.


Government to review use of costly phone lines

The government's use of costly phone numbers like 0845 and 0870 will be reviewed to save consumers money.
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