Buying a car New car warranties

Vauxhall offers a lifetime warranty
  • How much new car warranty cover each brand offers
  • 30-second guide to making a successful claim
  • The exclusions and clauses carmakers can use to get out of paying - and how to counter them

What's in this guide

  1. Which brands offer the best warranty?

    Not all new car warranties and the same - we examine 40 and reveal the ones that provide the most comprehensive cover

  2. Hidden dangers in the small print

    The exclusions and clauses that can be used by dealers and carmakers to get out of paying if your car has a problem

  3. Legal lowdown: fight your corner

    The experts at Which? Legal Service explain how to counter five common restrictions imposed by some new car warranties

  4. 30-second guide to making a claim

    Follow our seven simple steps to ensure your warranty claim is successful