Car hire and car clubs Car club pros and cons

Car club pros

Car clubs can cut the number of vehicles on the road

Car clubs may be cheaper than owning your own car

  • Car club drivers can typically save around £3,500 a year if they drive fewer than 6,000 miles (according to the charity Carplus)
  • Members' car use usually falls by around 25% on joining a car club
  • Each car club car typically replaces between six and twenty private vehicles, as members often give up a car on joining. Fewer cars mean less pollution, less CO2 emissions and less traffic
  • Joining a car club means there is no depreciation in value as your car sits idle in your drive
  • Cars are cleaned and maintained by the car club

Car club cons

A car club could be expensive if you drive long distances

Car clubs aren't for those who drive a lot

  • Being a car club member is not as convenient as owning a car. You may have to walk or travel a short distance to pick up a car club car
  • Car clubs can be expensive for high-use, long-distance drivers
  • Higher value cars can attract a higher excess
  • Car clubs lack spontaneity – you need to book before you can drive
  • There's limited car club coverage in some areas
  • Car clubs may not catch on in the most remote areas

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