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Convert gallons to litres

Convert litres to gallons

This handy tool lets you convert from litres to UK gallons (which are larger than US gallons) and back again. It’s useful when trying to calculate your car's fuel economy. 

To get started, just choose whether you want to convert from litres to gallons or vice versa. Then enter the amount you want to convert and hit calculate.

The result of your litres to gallons conversion will appear in the box at the bottom, and you can hit reset to start again.

See whether a petrol or diesel car works out cheaper for you with our fuel costs calculator 

Petrol prices

Calculate your fuel economy with Which?

Calculate your fuel economy

Fuel is always sold by the litre, although most UK drivers still think about fuel economy in miles per gallon. This can make mental fuel economy calculations a bit tricky.

The Which? Car guide to finding the cheapest fuel has advice on how to pay the lowest prices for petrol, diesel and LPG.

Fuel economy

Our tests reveal that many car trip computers give inaccurate fuel economy readings. To discover your car’s true mpg, try using Which? Car fuel calculator

It allows you to work out the amount of fuel you used on recent trips, and see exactly how much you ended up paying for single journeys.

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