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Full review Mazda 6 (2002-2007) Large cars

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Product rating and score

  • Performance 4 stars
  • Ride Comfort 4 star
  • Handling 4 stars
  • Boot & storage 4 stars
  • Safety 3 stars
  • Reliability 3 stars

Total score:


Pros and cons

  • Pro: Great value for money. 
  • Pro: Good build quality. 
  • Pro: Impressive ride and handling. 
  • Con: Difficult visibility. 
  • Con: Not much rear legroom or cabin storage spaces. 
  • Con: Awkward access to saloon's boot. 

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Safety & security

The 6 achieved an average score in our safety assessments; not bad for its time, but other large cars do better now. It was awarded four stars for overall adult occupant protection in the Euro NCAP crash tests, with four for child protection but just one for pedestrian protection. 

Its performance in our security assessments was acceptable, but not class-leading - or up to the excellent standards of some other Mazda models. 

Safety 3 stars

Euro NCAP score

4 stars

Here is the video of the 2002-2007 Mazda 6 saloon Euro NCAP frontal crash test.





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Adult occupant 4 stars
Child protection 4 stars
Pedestrian protection 1 stars

Which? safety rating

3 stars
Active (crash avoidance) -
Passive (crash safety) -
Child -
Pedestrian -

Security 5 stars

  • Theft of car 5 stars

  • Theft from car 4 stars