Mercedes-Benz car reviews

Mercedes-Benz invented the motor car in 1885 and has taken an important role in its development ever since. Known mostly for its luxury and prestige saloons and estates, it has significantly expanded its range in recent years, spanning models as diverse as the baby A-Class, SLK sports car and M-Class SUV.

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New Mercedes-Benz reviews

16 New Mercedes-Benz reviews available

Mercedes-Benz A-class reviews

Mercedes-Benz's A-class started life back in 1998 as a tall, compact people carrier. After a very early example of the car rolled over during a swerve test, Mercedes fitted electronic stability control to the A-class, making it the first mainstream model to boast this safety equipment. The second generation A-class (2005-2012) followed the MPV theme, but was better to drive and looked more upmarket. The latest model has morphed into a far more conventional, yet distinctive-looking hatchback. Read our reviews to see how the A-class compares with rivals. 

Latest model: Mercedes-Benz A-class (2012-)

Mercedes-Benz B-class reviews

The Mercedes-Benz B-class is a medium hatchback, but it's tall and wide, giving it MPV-like versatility. The B-class can be luxurious, if the right options are specified. Prices are way in excess of other medium hatchbacks, although you are getting a finely-crafted and very safe car.

Latest model: Mercedes-Benz B-class (2012-)

Mercedes-Benz C-class reviews

The Mercedes-Benz C-class is popular large car, sold as a saloon, estate and coupé. Its main rivals are the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. The C-class is expensive to buy - new or used - but holds its value well. It's comfortable, and the latest diesel engines are very fuel-efficient. 

Latest models: Mercedes C-class (2007-2014), Mercedes C-class Estate (2008-2014), Mercedes C-class coupé (2011-)

Mercedes-Benz CLA-class reviews

Mercedes introduced the world to the ‘four-door coupe’ with its E-class-based CLS in 2005. Now it’s applied the same thinking to the A-class to create the CLA. 

Latest model: Mercedes-Benz CLA (2013-)

Mercedes-Benz CLC reviews

The Mercedes-Benz CLC is actually an evolution of the previous C-class Sport Coupe, but it borrows its frontal styling from the current C-class saloon. Although it's a four-seater coupe, it's never been a particularly fast or sporty car.

Latest model: Mercedes-Benz CLC Coupe (2008-2010)

Mercedes-Benz CLS reviews

The original Mercedes-Benz CLS set the standard for luxury four-door saloons back in 2005. The second-generation CLS is aiming to build on its success, although it faces stiff competition from German rivals Audi and BMW.

Latest model: Mercedes-Benz CLS (2011-); Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake (2012-)

Mercedes-Benz E-class reviews

The Mercedes E-class has a long legacy, being the German maker's mainstay for many years. It's a big luxury saloon (also available in coupe, estate and convertible forms) with many advanced features and an unruffled, refined atmosphere.

Latest models: Mercedes-Benz E-class saloon (2009-), Mercedes-Benz E-class Convertible (2010-)Mercedes-Benz E-class Coupe (2009-)Mercedes-Benz E-class estate (2010-)

Mercedes-Benz GLA reviews

Mercedes-Benz's rival for the Range Rover Evoque was launched in late 2013, with an SUV based on the floorpan of the A-class.  

Used Mercedes-Benz reviews

16 Used Mercedes-Benz reviews available