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The 2014 Which? Car Survey results have been published. Here are some of the headline results from the year's survey.

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Which? Car Survey 2014: Results are now in

Want to find out which cars you really can rely on? You can find out which are the most reliable new cars and the most reliable used cars, according to the biggest car survey of reliability and satisfaction in the UK.

With feedback on 58,055 cars in total in 2014, the Which? Car Survey is officially the UK’s biggest survey of car reliability and satisfaction yet again. With the largest sample size of all car reliability surveys, ours is the most accurate indication of how dependable your next car will be.

While rival surveys might give you a reliability rating like we do, no other goes into the same detail as Which? – we not only tell you how reliable a car is, we can also give an indication of the average total cost of annual repair costs, as well as how many days a model spends off the road each year on average.

As well as costs, we can tell you what is most likely to go wrong with each specific model we cover in the survey - go to our car reviews to find the model you want specific reliability data on.

The faults are rated by how serious they are to dictate the reliability rating. It also means we can tell you which faults are most likely for all cars. 

All our reliability and satisfaction data is fed directly into our reviews and used to influence the ratings and recommendations we give. If a car is very unreliable, it won’t receive a Which? Best Buy or Worth a Look recommendation. That means all our car review scores combine our tested figures and your lived-with ratings.

Which? Car Survey 2014: Headline results

Best cars by class

Find out which are the most reliable cars in each class

  • We received data on 58,055 cars in total from 49,023 owners (some have more than one car)
  • We have specific reliability data and scores for 283 new and used cars
  • Those who filled in the survey covered a total of 444 million miles
  • 54% of feedback was on petrol cars, compared to 44% diesel and 2% hybrid
  • 71% of cars we received feedback on had manual transmission
  • Most people had bought their car new - 48% of all people who filled in the survey

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