More than any other room in the home the bedroom is a personal space, so it needs to feel inviting and comfortable. Below are some simple ways to help ensure it can continue to be a safe haven.


  • Ensure there is adequate general lighting in the bedroom, and that the light switches are in a convenient place to be used when entering and leaving the room.
  • If the main bedroom light switch is not near the bed, use a bedside lamp to illuminate the room once the main light is switched off. Alternatively, consider fitting an additional main light switch that can be turned on and off from the bed.
  • A bedside lamp that can be reached from the bed is always a good idea, as your relative may need to get up during the night to use the bathroom. A touch-sensitive bedside lamp is easier to turn on in the middle of the night than a lamp with a standard switch.


  • Ensure that the room has adequate heating facilities. If central heating is not available, consider using low surface temperature electrical heaters.
  • It is important that the bedroom is suitably warm before getting out of bed. If using central heating, set the timer on the system so that the heating comes on every morning at least one hour before waking up.


  • Simple actions such as de-cluttering a room can make a big difference to how easily and freely your relative can move around. If your relative uses a walking aid, ensure that getting from the doorway to the bed is as straightforward as possible.
  • Consider re-positioning furniture or maybe even taking away unimportant furniture if this will make it easier to enter, exit and move around the bedroom. This may be particularly useful if your relative uses a walking aid.
  • If a double bed is not necessary, discuss replacing it with a single bed to free up space.
  • If your relative is potentially at risk of falls, consider using a fall detector so they can summon help. This can be quite simple and involve a sensor light that comes on when someone gets up from bed, for example.
  • Getting up during the night to go to the toilet is sometimes a concern for less mobile people; in which case, positioning a commode near the bed can be helpful.
  • Having a phone beside the bed will allow your relative to summon help if there is an emergency or if they become unwell during the night.

Page last reviewed: March 2015
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