There are all sorts of devices, ranging from television remote controls to hearing aids, that make a television as user-friendly as possible.

Television remote controls with larger buttons

One problem with modern televisions for people with less flexible fingers is that while the remote control handsets seem to be getting bigger, the buttons on them are only getting smaller (and more numerous). Fortunately, a number of companies now offer remote controls with extra-large buttons, sometimes referred to as ‘jumbo’ or ‘giant’ buttons.

TV licence concession

If your relative is aged 75 or over or their household includes someone aged over 75, they are entitled to a free TV licence. The licence needs to be applied for and the information that is required is your relative's date of birth and his or her national insurance number, passport or driving licence. The licence will subsequently be automatically renewed each year. To find out more, go to the TV licensing website.

These remote controls can be tuned to work with an existing television and many will also be ‘universal’, meaning they can also work with a DVD player, VCR and digital TV box, for example. Which? members can read reviews of easy-to-use televisions on of the Which? website. 

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