Energy grants Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

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The Energy Company Obligation means energy-efficiency grants for some

What is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)? 

ECO helps people install energy-efficiency measures to their home. Under this scheme the big energy suppliers are legally obliged to help the following with energy-efficiency measures:

  • low income and vulnerable households 
  • homes in low income areas 

Government Schemes

ECO is the government's umbrella term for its programme to make houses in the UK more energy efficient, it covers the affordable warmth obligation, the carbon saving obligation and the carbon saving communities obligation. The scheme replaced Carbon Emission Reduction Target (Cert) and Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) that ended in December 2012. 

As part of ECO, the government estimates that £1.3 billion per year worth of energy efficiency and heating measures will be delivered across Great Britain. 

ECO subsidies

ECO funding is available for relatively expensive energy-efficient measures where the savings on your electricity bill may not be greater than the cost of the installation. For instance, solid wall insulation, internal wall insulation and 'hard to treat' cavity wall insulation are all eligible for ECO money. 

It is quite complicated to work out if you are eligible for ECO funding - it depends on what measures your house needs, where you live and if you receive any benefits. Your Green Deal provider should advise you if you are eligible for ECO money, you can also contact the Energy Saving Trust for more details. 

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