Solar panels on a roof

Feed-in tariffs explained

  • What is the feed-in tariff? We explain what you need to know and how it applies to solar panels
  • How the feed-in tariff works, what to watch out for and how much you could earn
  • Could you benefit from installing renewable technology and signing up for the feed-in tariff?

What's in this guide

Feed-in tariffs Q&A

Essential info on how the feed-in tariff scheme works and how to get started with it.

Feed-in tariff savings and earnings

Could you benefit financially from the feed-in tariff? We calculcate typical costs, savings and earnings.

Feed-in tariff cuts

The government has cut the feed-in tariff - find out what you need to know.

Feed-in tariff payment problems

Find out how long your feed-in tariff payments could take and what to do if you have a problem.

Meters running backwards

Why solar PV panels are causing some electricity meters to run backwards - and what you can do.