Ground source heating diagram

Ground source heat pumps explained

  • Could a ground source heat pump provide your home with a viable alternative to gas or electric heating?
  • How a ground source heat pump works - and how to decide if it's worth installing one in your home
  • Typical ground source heat pump costs, savings, installation - plus our handy suitability checklist

What's in this guide

How ground source heat pumps work

Ground source heat pumps draw in heat from underground - we look at how they work.

Ground source heat pump costs and savings

How much you should expect to pay for a ground source heat pump and how much it could save you.

Installing a ground source heat pump

Follow our checklist to help you decide if installing a ground source heat pump is right for you.

Ground source heat pumps - trial results

We've summarised key findings from the Energy Saving Trust's real-life heat pump trials in the UK.