central gas heating

Home heating systems

  • Fed up with high energy prices? Our guide explores the options for heating your home
  • Find out which heating systems could help you cut your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions
  • From gas and electric central heating, to solar power and biomass: pros and cons, and the annual costs

What's in this guide

Options for heating your home

With high gas and electricity prices here to stay, we explore ways to cut your heating costs

Gas central heating

Most UK households have mains gas central heating. We reveal the pros and cons

Electric central heating

If you use electricity to heat your home, find out whether a cheap-rate tariff could be right for you

LPG central heating

We explain why liquid petroleum gas systems are efficient but costly

Oil central heating

Oil is a highly-efficient fuel, but it isn't a clean source of energy

Renewable heat

Renewable heat technologies are becoming more and more attractive. We tell you why

Immersion heaters

All you need to know about immersion heaters, and whether they are suitable for your home

Storage heaters

Find out whether storage heaters are right for your home with our expert guide.