Green house taster

The Green Deal explained

  • Find out what the Green Deal is, how it works and get answers to your frequently asked questions
  • Get advice on what to watch out for in our unique Green Deal consumers' checklist
  • See which home improvements are covered under the Green Deal and how to pay for them

What's in this guide

What is the Green Deal?

The basics of the Green Deal: what it is, how it works and how it differs from other loans Contains video

Green Deal products and measures

Which home improvement measures are covered under the Green Deal and who can provide them?

Green Deal Finance - paying for the Green Deal

Find out what a Green Deal loan involves, how it will be repaid and what financial alternatives there are

Getting a Green Deal assessment

What to look out for when taking out a Green Deal and answers to frequently asked questions

Green Deal FAQs

Your questions answered: what happens when you move home and how to decide if it's for you

Our Green Deal investigation

The results of our undercover investigation into the Green Deal