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Wood burning stoves

  • Wood heating systems explained - buy a safe and efficient stove with our expert tips
  • Stove costs so you can decide if a stove is right for you, plus how stoves can save you money
  • Wood burning stove installation - what you need to know before you hand over any money

What's in this guide

How to buy a wood burning stove

Find out what you need to consider when buying a stove so you can choose an efficient and safe one

Wood heating systems

If you're thinking about buying a stove, you might want to consider an entire wood heating system

Multi fuel stoves vs wood burning stoves

Find out whether a multi-fuel stove or a wood burning stove would be better for your home

Stove costs and savings

Discover whether the costs of buying, installing and running a stove mean it's worth getting

Installing a stove

Make sure you have all the information to ensure your stove installation is safe and cost effective Contains video

Using a wood burning stove

Whether you're buying a stove or have inherited one, find out how to save money on fuel and be safe