Energy-saving appliances: Energy costs calculators

Have you ever thought about how much your fridge or TV is costing you to run every year? The answer is probably more than you think - especially if the appliances you own are old or not very energy efficient.

If you’re planning on buying a new appliance, it’s not just the upfront price you should consider, but also the cost of running it. That's why we've created calculators that reveal the electricity costs of all the dishwashers, freezers, fridges, fridge freezers, tumble dryers, TVs, washer-dryers and washing machines that Which? has tested, so you can compare how much different models will add to your energy bills.

Appliance cost calculators

Our easy-to-use energy cost calculators allow you to search and compare different models so you can find the cheapest option for you.

We've created cost calculators for all of the biggest domestic energy guzzlers:

Once you've identified a cheap-to-run appliance or TV, Which? members can log in to see how it was rated by the experts in our independent lab tests. If you're not already a Which? member, you can sign up for a £1 Which? trial to get instant access to all our reviews and advice.

Save energy, save money

Did you know?

  • Annual fridge freezer running costs can vary by £62 a year, depending on the model you buy.
  • You could be £46 a year better off if you choose the most energy-efficient dishwasher over the least efficient.
  • Our tests have found that the running costs of a 32-inch TV can vary from £8 to £22 a year.

Differences in running costs can be so great that sometimes a pricier model that's more energy efficient can work out cheaper to own in the long run than an energy guzzler that costs less to buy.

For example:

  • The condenser tumble dryer costs £290 to buy and £123 a year to run. Over a lifetime (seven years) it costs £1,151 to own.
  • The Bosch WTE84106GB condenser tumble dryer costs £399 to buy and £63 a year to run. Over a lifetime it costs £840 to own - £309 less than the Hoover.
Which Energy saver logo

Which? Energy Saver logo

You don’t always have to pay more for a more efficient appliance. Several of our cheapest Best Buy fridge freezers have earned the Which? Energy Saver logo for their low running costs. 

You can filter search results so that you only see Energy Savers by ticking the box when comparing features and prices for the appliance you're looking for.

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