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Which? Energy Saver logo explained

  • How Which? awards its Energy Saver logo, and why it can save you money
  • Energy-efficient products that save electricity and cut your energy bills
  • Tumble dryers, kettles, TVs and dishwashers - find out which are energy savers

The Which? Energy Saver logo is awarded exclusively to products that combine Best Buy performance with superb energy efficiency. Our logo can help you save money by highlighting a Best Buy product that's also cheap to run.

We created the Energy Saver logo to help you choose products that cost less to run - and are more environmentally friendly to boot. Our research shows choosing energy efficient kitchen appliances, for example, could save you more than £1,200 over five years.


The Which? Energy Saver logo can help you save money on running appliances

The Which? Energy Saver logo is a Which? rating based on our own tough energy efficiency criteria. It's not endorsed or associated with official EC labelling laws or regulations. 

For more information, see our guide energy labels explained

Below, you'll find the criteria we use to decide which products are eligible for a Which? Energy Saver logo. 

We've chosen dishwashers, kettles, tumble dryers and TVs to receive the award. This is because there are big differences in energy use between different models, meaning you can save money and electricity by choosing a Which? Energy Saver logo award-winning model. 

Energy saving appliances

Dishwashers: The Energy Saver logo is only awarded to Best Buy dishwashers in the top 10% of all full-sized dishwashers we've tested for energy use on their main program.

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Kettles: Energy Saver Best Buy kettles must achieve at least four stars (less than 0.115kWh) for the energy used to boil one litre of water, be in the top 10% of kettles we’ve tested for low minimum fill, and score at least four stars for the automatic shut-off once the boiling point is reached (less than seven seconds).

Tumble dryers: Best Buy tumble dryers only get awarded the Energy Saver logo if they score five stars for running costs in our tests and must use less than 0.3 kWh/kg when drying a full cotton load on a cupboard dry setting.

TVs: To get the Energy Saver logo, Best Buy TVs combine low energy use for their screen size, along with eco-friendly extras such as ambient light sensor (which adjusts the screen brightness depending on how light the room is) and screen blanking (which blanks the screen when tuned to a digital radio channel). They must score five stars for optimum picture setting power. 

Fridges, freezers and fridge freezers: Best Buy cooling appliances are fast at chilling food and keep a constant temperature across all shelves and compartments. We've awarded the Energy Saver logo to the 20% that have the lowest running costs, with separate rankings for tall and undercounter fridges, tall, undercounter and chest freezers, and tall and side-by-side American style fridge freezers.

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