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All new fridge freezers must have an energy rating of A+ or above

Storing fresh food is an energy-intensive task, with fridge freezers using electricity 24 hours a day to keep your groceries cool. Choosing an energy-efficient fridge freezer can make a positive impact on your bills.

Top energy-saving fridge freezers

EU energy labels give a good indication of which fridge freezers are cheapest to run (to find out more read our guide on fridge freezer energy labels). But with all new fridge freezers having to meet at least an A+ rating, it can be hard to choose between models. 

Also, while EU energy labels provide a good starting point, Which? tests have found huge differences in the running costs of similar-sized fridge freezers with the same energy label. You can use our fridge freezer energy costs calculator to compare a model’s annual running costs with how much it costs to buy to help you find the best-value fridge freezers overall.

We award our Energy Saver Logo to the Best Buy fridge freezers which are also the most energy efficient. These models are quick to chill and freeze fresh food, maintain a constant temperature inside and have low running costs based on the amount of usable storage space you’re paying to power.

We reveal our pick of the best energy-saving fridge freezers we've tested in the table below. Which? members can log in to see our recommendations. If you're new to Which?, you can sign up for a £1 Which? trial to unlock the table and gain instant access to the rest of our fridge freezer reviews.

Energy-saving fridge freezers
What it
looks like
Fridge freezer make and modelTypeAnnual running costsScoreBest Buy?


Subscriber only contentFreestanding£3485%
One of the best fridge freezers we've ever tested, this freestanding model has some top-spec cooling features. The freezer can freeze an impressive 23kg of fresh food in 24 hours.


Subscriber only contentFreestanding£2679%
This fridge freezer has a chiller cabinet and humidity-controlled salad crisper drawer. While it's not frost-free, it did very well in our tests for temperature stability, quietness and energy use.


Subscriber only contentFreestanding£4278%
This model received a high score because it's great at keeping temperatures consistent and cools evenly. The powerful freezer is frost-free. A very worthy Best Buy.


Subscriber only contentAmerican£7778%
This is our highest-scoring American-style fridge freezer. It can chill and freeze food super-quickly at the touch of a button, and its alarm will warn you if you've left the door open.


Fridge freezer efficiency tips

  • Don’t leave the door open for longer than necessary or it will be filled with warm air and have to work to cool down again.
  • Avoid putting warm food in your freezer - let it cool down first.
  • Keep your fridge freezer at least three quarters full - don’t overfill though, or you’ll stop air from circulating round the compartments and the appliance will use more energy to keep cold.

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