How to use less electricity

How to use less electricity

  • Save hundreds of pounds a year with our expert tips on cutting your electricity bills
  • Discover how your household appliances could be bumping up your energy costs
  • Learn which are the most energy-guzzling appliances and how to use them more efficiently

What's in this guide

Measuring your energy efficiency

Think you know how much electricity you use? You might be surprised to learn how much you could save.

Money-saving tips

Top tips on how to save money on your electricity bills by cutting energy use around the house.

Saving energy in the kitchen

You'll find plenty of electricity-guzzling appliances in the kitchen - here's how to save energy.

Buying energy-efficient appliances

How to make sure you don't buy an energy guzzler next time you upgrade an appliance.

Home entertainment energy saving

How much your TV and other home entertainment gadgets cost each year - and how to cut back.

Average electricity bill

Think you're paying too much for your electricity? Find out what the average electricity bill costs