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Scottish Power is part of the Iberdrola Group, a Spanish company that operates in 40 countries.  It is one of the UK’s largest energy companies, supplying energy to around 5.2 million customers, and generates its own energy too, through coal, gas and hydro-electric power stations.

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Scottish Power customer score

Customers didn’t rate Scottish Power very highly in our 2014 energy company customer satisfaction survey.  

The supplier scored 41% and ranked joint 14th out of 17 (with SSE) in our survey in October and November 2013, which included the responses of 846 Scottish Power customers. 

Small suppliers topped the survey with Good Energy and Ecotricity scoring 82%. 

The table below shows the breakdown of its score - and you can find out how Scottish Power compares to other gas and electricity companies in the full results of our energy company customer survey.

The Which? energy customer satisfaction survey is the biggest of its kind and asks members of the public to rate how satisfied they are with their energy company and how likely they are to recommend it to a friend.

Scottish Power survey results
Area of performanceStar rating
Customer service
Value for money
Bills (accuracy and clarity)
Helping you to save energy
Customer score41%

What do customers say about Scottish Power?

When Which? asked Scottish Power customers what they thought of their supplier in October and November 2013, here are some of the things they told us:

'It does nothing to help me save energy.'

'I switched to Scottish Power because it had the longest fixed deal at the time.'

'I feel it is as overpriced as all the other big six.'

Scottish Power energy prices

Scottish Power raised gas prices by 8.5% and electricity prices by 9% in December 2013. 

It was the fourth energy company to announce price rises in October 2012, introducing average increases of 7% for both gas and electricity prices. Back in January 2012, it was the last of the ‘big six’ suppliers to announce it would lower gas prices by 5%.

The graph below shows how Scottish Power’s prices have changed over the past years.

Scottish Power best practice criteria

In 2013 Which? assessed how Scottish Power did against a set of 270 measures we feel are best practice for energy suppliers to follow. 

Scottish Power did pretty well on the range and clarity of information it provides to its customers who complain. 

But we’d like to see it reduce its minimum for the amount of credit you need to have accumulated before you can get an automatic refund – it’s currently three months’ worth of direct debit payments (about £350 for an average bill). We were also disappointed to see that it provides an 0845 customer service number, but a free 0800 sales number. It also resolves fewer of its complaints as quickly as its competitors. 

But in November 2013, it finally changed its customer service number to an 0800 number (and 03 for mobiles).

Scottish Power in the news

On 22 October 2013 Scottish Power was fined £8.5 million by the regulator Ofgem for providing misleading information through its doorstep and telesales agents between October 2009 and January 2012. If you think you might have been affected, you could claim compensation by calling Scottish Power on 0800 074 0362.

Only two days later, it announced a price rise of 8.6% on average effective from 6 December.

Scottish Power had the joint lowest number of complaints received per 1,000 customers in the final quarter of 2012 of the big six, according to data published in February 2013. It had an average of 14, along with competitor SSE. However, 68% of its complaints were resolved the same day or the next working day, compared with 75% of SSE’s. All of the big six suppliers published the comparable data following changes made by Ofgem, after Which? campaigning.

In 2012, Which? praised Scottish Power for helping customers compare prices more easily by giving them better access to their up-to-date energy usage history. Customers with an online account can use the new website to request the data, which they receive in a spreadsheet.

We were pleased to hear that Scottish Power decided not to pursue the development of its venue sales - where energy advisers use supermarkets or shops to sign up new customers - following discussions with Which?. We have concerns about how some of these sales are taking place and have asked all energy suppliers to review their practices. Scottish Power responded very positively.

In May 2014, Scottish Power had to pay £750,000 following an investigation by the regulator Ofgem which found that the supplier did not have a robust process in place to assess the cost of different payment types. This means that some customers might have been overcharged for paying with a certain payment method.

Scottish Power: pros and cons

Scottish Power ranked low down in our energy company customer satisfaction survey and has room for improvement on best practice.

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