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Where is information in the Car Buying Guide taken from and how often is it updated? 

Information on the Car Buying Guide is very up to date and taken from several different sources:

  • Information from our surveys on safety and security 
  • CAP, who are widely considered as the industry standard, provide information on used car prices, these are calculated from their residual values 
  • Prices for new cars are listed from the manufacturer’s ‘on the road’ price 
  • Test drive reports originate from a company called ADAC, (the German equivalent to the AA) 
  • Around 50 – 80 new test drive reports are planned each year 

What is Product Finder? 

It is a powerful comparison tool that allows you to view products and their Which? ratings side by side. 

Where can I find Product Finder? 

It is included in each report for which there is a Product Finder available and can be accessed by clicking the 'Compare features and prices' link. To access the full information in the report and in Product Finder, you will need to log in

How are search results ranked in Product Finder? 

Products are listed in alphabetical order by default. However, you can view by brand, price, Which? rating and score by selecting the appropriate column. Best buys are clearly indicated and for further information you can click on the product name.

How many products can be compared at one time? 

You can compare as many products as you like. You can easily remove models and replace them with different ones.

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