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A planning consultant can make the difference between getting approval or not if your application is at all sensitive.

  • If the changes are substantial
  • In a conservation area
  • The building is listed
  • The property is on a designated flood plain
  • Or affected by radon gas (in some parts of Cornwall or Devon, for instance).
  • If your planning application has been rejected.

They will typically visit your property and give you a site assessment. This is a report that explains how environmental factors (such as being on a flood plain) might affect your plans. 

Consultants should be experts in your area, who know the local authority and understand the local planning nuances – so the plans they draw up have a much better chance of being approved first time.

A planning consultant can help you get permission, first time

If you need to appeal as your planning application has been refused, consultants will work with the local authority to understand what changes need to be made, and work with you to ensure that you still get the improvement you want, while meeting any restrictions that have been imposed.

Planning consultants are usually members of the Royal Town Planning Institute. Many have worked in local authority planning offices before becoming independent consultants.

More information

For more information, visit the Royal Town Planning Institute website.