SodaStream Pure July 2008

SodaStream is once again busy with the fizzy

SodaStream's new Pure machine is a sleek and shiny update of its classic fizzy drinks maker range, designed to cut cost and plastic waste for those who enjoy carbonated water or soft drinks.  See our First Look review for our impressions on this sparkling device.

SodaStream Pure

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SodaStream has been putting the fizz into plain water for over 100 years – and this summer it has launched a range of drinks makers with stylish looks to suit modern kitchen counter tops.

The PURE model costs £59 and comes with an attractive brushed and stainless steel finish. It comes with a full canister of gas, which is enough to make 60 litres of fizzy drinks. 

Gas re-fills are £6.99 and flavoured drinks concentrates are £2.49 for 500ml, which makes 12 litres of fizzy pop. 

That works out as 31p per litre for flavoured drinks or 11p for fizzy water, which is good value for money, but economy-label drinks from supermarkets can still work out cheaper.

It’s easy to set up and use. The gas cylinder fits snugly into the spine, and a water bottle screws securely underneath the top and two buzzes on the carbonating lever fill the bottle with bubbles. 

The water we produced was full of fizz and the screw caps on the two bottles kept our water fizzy for hours.

If you make your drinks like this there’s hardly any waste to recycle and the range of flavours available has moved on since the 'busy with the fizzy' days of the eighties with sugar free cranberry and raspberry and sharing the same shelf as old favourites cola and lemonade. 

You can even create sugar-free tonic.

Pros: Easy to use and a fun way to make fizzy drinks

Cons: If you’re looking to save money, economy label options might make a better choice