Soft fruit

Grow soft fruit

  • Easy-care guide to growing soft fruit in your garden.
  • Where to plant and which are the best varieties.
  • How to grow the tastiest berries and currants.
  • Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and more.

What's in this guide

Growing tips

Our gardening experts reveal how to keep your soft fruit plants happy and healthy.


Expensive to buy in the shops but easy to grow at home, raspberries are best eaten fresh.


Home-grown blackcurrants are a tasty snack and also ideal for filling pies and making jam.


Gooseberry bushes are tough and long lived – but thorns make these a prickly addition to a garden.


Productive, pretty and bursting with health and flavour, blueberries are a satisfying fruit to grow.


A traditional English treat, you can’t beat home-grown strawberries for taste.


Thornless varieties of blackberry plants are all the rage – and look good too.