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The bright red and yellow Wolf-Garten Power Edition 37E

Wolf-Garten is a German brand but it's well established in the UK. It has a reputation for innovation in lawn care and its red and yellow branding is very distinctive. Wolf-Garten makes a full range of lawn mowers, from lawn tractors through to simple hand push cylinder mowers. Though Wolf-Garten manufacture a huge range of lawn mowers including 25 petrol models, not all models are available in the UK. The Which? owner’s views survey rated Wolf-Garten electric lawn mowers as extremely easy to use. Find out how Wolf-Garten scores against Bosch in our reliability survey.

Best Wolf-Garten lawn mowers

Wolf-Garten makes five ranges of mower.

  • Select is the budget range of mowers, compact and light and suited to small and medium sized gardens. Both petrol and electric Wolf-Garten mowers are available in the Select range.
  • The Ambition range is a heavier duty machine and though the mowers don’t necessarily have additional features, they are larger and have more powerful engines so are more suited to medium and large gardens.
  • Wolf-Garten Expert mowers come with a range of extra features such as a powerful motor and a top-quality blade. These mower also have soft wheels making handling easier.
  • The premium mowers for Wolf-Garten are part of the Power and Bluepower range. These machines boast efficient engine technology and lots of extra features such as quieter engines, lighter weight machines and the ability to deal with wet grass. They also make a compact version of the Power range mowers for small or medium lawns.
  • Wolf-Garten also makes hand push cylinder mowers and the side wheel push lawnmower (WPCM) has a 30cm, five-bladed cutting cylinder. It has a variable cutting height, a rear collect bag and a roller so is a premium hand push machine.

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How much is a Wolf-Garten lawn mower?

Wolf-Garten certainly isn’t a cheap brand but the budget ranges are competitively priced against other large garden tool brands such as Bosch and Black & Decker.

The Wolf-garten 30cm Hand Cylinder lawn mower will cost around £55, similar to the Bosch AHM 38 G Manual garden lawn mower which is priced at £54.

The basic Wolf-Garten A34E electric Ambition lawn mower costs about £150, once again matching the price for the our highest scoring Best Buy electric rotary lawn mower.  However, the top models for Wolf-Garten electric lawn mowers, the BluePower range, start at £230 and go up to £290 for the Wolf-Garten BluePower 40E mower putting them among the more expensive mower brands.

Petrol mowers from Wolf-Garten start at £230 and go up to £490, much in line with other mower brands. Our cheapest Best Buy petrol mower is £285.

Wolf-Garten warranty information

Wolf-Garten issues a two-year warranty for all its products and offers a three-year warranty for products from its Expert range if they are registered online within 60 days.

Wolf-Garten can be contacted at the address below

WOLF-Garten Division
E. P. Barrus Ltd
Launton Road
OX26 4UR

Tel: +44 (0) 845 2707603

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