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Boiler prices often differ significantly

Boiler prices can range significantly according to the size, brand and type of boiler you're looking to buy.

Of the 230 boilers we've reviewed prices range from less than £600 to more than £2,000 - but we've found that a hefty price tag doesn't always guarantee you're getting a top-performing product.

Our boilers review gives you full verdicts on all the boilers we've independently rated - use our boilers comparison tool to filter your results to those in your price range.

Boiler prices

To give you a snapshot guide to current boiler prices, we've categorised a range of boilers according to type and typical price range in the table below.

Snapshot of typical boiler prices
Price bandGas combi boilersGas heat-only boilersOil combi boilers
£400 - £7007 boilers 20 boilersn/a
£700 - 90010 boilers14 boilersn/a
£900 - £1,20010 boilers1 boilern/a
£1,200+2 boilers  3 boilers30 boilers

Because this is only a snapshot, you should contact a boiler manufacturer directly for its latest pricing and offers. If you want more information about a particular boiler model, take a look at our boilers review -which reveals which 40 boiler models we recommend as Best Buy boilers - as well as an overview of major gas boiler brands as rated by their customers.

Boiler installation costs

The price of the boiler itself is just one element to factor in. 

When you add the price of installation, a possible engineer call-out charge, the cost of extra parts, any extra work that may be needed to your central heating system, plus VAT, the boiler price itself may make up only a small part of the overall boiler replacement price. For more information on the cost of boiler installation see our guide on how much to expect to pay

For more information on how much you can expect to pay to replace parts, see the boiler part replacement costs page in our boiler cover section. 

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